Air Coolers / Adiabatic Cooling

Adiabatic Cooling enables water to be cooled to within 6 °C of ambient wet bulb, water is used to increase the cooling effect when the ambient dry bulb is 3°C above the design wet bulb – for most of the year the unit operates as a conventional Dry Air Cooler. Therefore with a design ambient of 20 °C wet bulb it is possible to achieve fluid outlet temperatures of 26 °C.

The V configuration Dry Air Coolers can be adapted to take advantage of latent cooling effect in adverse conditions of high ambient dry bulb temperatures. Reversion back to dry air cooling takes place on lowering of temperature. All features of temperature control by fan off cycling with low or residential fan speeds are retained. The very large surface areas of the coils assure that evaporation takes place efficiently with the very minimum of wastage. The normal dry air cooler is regulated by fan off cycling by thermostat switches; a further thermostatic switch brings on the wetting cycle, only after all the fans are running.


FREE COOLING – Process Water Cooling



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